CSA Contact Number: 0345 713 3133

If you’re a parent seeking to get child support from a former lover, then you need to contact the help phone line of the Child Support Agency (CSA) on 0345 713 3133.

A family that crumbles to pieces is never a pretty sight. When this happens you, as a parent, just needs to toughen up a little bit and use all available resources at your disposal to provide for your child. One of the best resources available to you if you’re in the UK is the CSA.

The CSA or the Child Support Agency spearheads the tracking down of negligent parents as well as serves as a mediator when child support issues are not resolved alone without government intervention. A child that’s abandoned by a parent will feel inadequate and unloved. Steady child support may allay this feeling because the child will realise that they are not the one abandoned but instead things between their parents just didn’t work out.

It’s no longer a surprise if a couple decides to break it off, but there should be an agreement to keep the kids out of whatever disagreement they may be dealing with. Things don’t always workout this way and during these times, the CSA needs to get involved.

Contact the CSA via Phone

You can learn more about their services by calling them up on 0345 713 3133 or by dialling 0345 713 8924 on the textphone.