E.ON Contact Number: 0345 303 3020

If you have questions about E.ON and you would like them to provide answers for you, then you can contact their customer service team by tweeting @EONhelp or by calling their accounts phone lines on 0345 303 3020 for credit meter accounts and on 0345 303 3040 for prepaid meter accounts.

Electricity is something that we can’t live comfortably without. We can try and we might just be able to adjust, but things will certainly be different without the modern conveniences provided by

electricity. These modern technological wonders involve the internet and the computers and mobile devices that we so happily access it with. We are like power addicts that can't get enough of electricity and electricity is the life force that operates our machines. This electricity is supplied by power companies such as one of the largest – E.ON.

Telephone Numbers for E.ON

E.ON can be reached on the phone by dialling 0345 303 3040 if you have a prepayment meter in your home. If your electricity line is attached to a credit meter, then call them on 0345 303 3020.

If you have a business and would like to subscribe to E.ON for an account, then call them on 0333 202 4586.

If you have complaints or feedback that you would want them to know, then call 0333 202 4606.

Social Media

They also have a very active customer service team that can be contacted by tweeting @EONhelp.