First Utility Contact Number: 01926 320 700

Those who are curious about First Utility’s claims of providing cheaper electricity can contact their customer service team on the phone on 01926 320 700 for more details.

It seems that we have no choice but to pay the price that the electric suppliers ask for their electricity. This is because the Big Six ( the 6 largest electric companies in the UK) almost have a monopoly over the entire population of the UK. This is why they think they can control the price just by saying what they want it to be. First Utility is telling another story. They are saying that what the Big Six is doing is overcharging. This means that if you’re a customer of any one of these companies then you could have spent a lot less on your electricity. Now, think about how many years you’ve already been with your electric supplier and imagine how much money you could’ve used for other things.

Phone Number for First Utility

First Utility has a customer service number – 01926 320 700, which customers and those who want to be customers can call for detailed information on just what they are offering.

Chat Live with the First Utility Team

Instead of calling them on the phone, they can also be easily reached via chat right from their website.

Just visit and click the chat option.

Email the First Utility Team

The First Utility Team can also be contacted through email. They however haven’t published any email addresses to write to but they have a contact form at handle-complaints

Social Media for First Utility

Social media is also a very accessible method of contacting First Utility for information and comments.

For support via Twitter, just tweet or message @FirstUtility.

You can reach out for billing or other energy orientated customer service them on Facebook:

The company videos and ads meanwhile are on Youtube: