Groupon Contact Number: 020 3510 0444

When you have some questions about the coupons and offers that are posted on Groupon’s site, then you can contact their general enquiries and customer service phone line on 020 3510 0444.

Groupon is a worldwide phenomenon especially because they offer a local experience of getting the best deals. Local businesses also make Groupon very popular because they are the ones that support the website by offering great deals to their customers. Businesses may initially have to take a hit by cutting their profit margins down (or totally off, depending on the amount of discount offered) but in the long run they will generate future business through word of mouth marketing as well as through customer patronage.

Telephone Number to Contact Groupon UK

When you have questions regarding the products and services that you have bought on Groupon, then you can just talk directly to their customer help line. Their telephone number is 020 3510 0444. You can get a Groupon representative on the line from 8am-8pm.

Groupon Email Enquiries

If talking on the phone is not your thing, then perhaps you will prefer to write to them. You can write an email with all the details of the issues you are experiencing with their products and service and send it to

You can also contact them via their website system at:

Groupon Social Media Enquiries

Using social media is another simple way of contacting Groupon customer services.

If you’re on Twitter, you can send them a tweet @Groupon_UK. This is their customer support Twitter account. If you just want to follow them for the latest offers and big discount deals, then follow @GrouponUK.

You can also follow their Facebook account at: