Npower Contact Number: 0800 073 3000

Give Npower customer services a call for free by dialling their freephone contact number 0800 073 3000 to make a complaint, for billing enquiries on your electricity account and to report a gas emergency.

Npower forms one of the ‘big six’ energy companies operating in the United Kingdom which reflects its status as one of the dominant providers of both gas and electricity services in the country. Their customers can phone their customer care phone number 0800 073 3000 for free for enquiries about their gas boiler, electricity fuse box, energy bills and to submit meter readings so that you avoid inaccurate bills. You should also phone this number to notify them that you are moving house so that they can set up your supply in your new home, alternatively if you are no longer satisfied with them you may dial this helpline to close your account.

If there is a problem with your gas boiler, for example your heating or hot water have failed, you can phone this helpline to submit a request for an engineer however this service will not be free of charge unless you have one of their Boiling & Heating Care insurance policies. Moreover you should phone their customer service team to request a replacement gas card or electric key so that you can continue topping up your meter at a registered PayPoint outlet.


Complain to Npower – 0800 316 9328

Phone Npower for free to make a complaint by calling their freephone contact number 0800 316 9328 where you can voice your dissatisfaction about repeated power outages, numerous incorrect energy bills and distressing treatment from their debt collection team. For instance you should dial this number if you are getting a number of final warning notices despite paying your energy bills on time. You should also call this team to request compensation if you have had to pay a higher amount for your gas and electricity despite having corrected your bills.


Online account support – 0800 316 9331

Call Npower over the phone on their technical support contact number 0800 316 9331 for assistance with your online account, for example when providing meter readings you should ensure that you enter the details correctly otherwise you may be fined. Furthermore you can phone this number to confirm that a credit or debit card payment towards your energy bills has been received by the appropriate department on time.


Gas emergency helpline – 0800 111 999

Phone the National Grid on their emergency contact number 0800 111 999 if you smell gas or if you suspect there is a leak nearby. If the leak is in your home you should open all windows and doors to allow the gas to dissipate once you have turned off the supply, however if it is unsafe to do this you should exit your property immediately. This helpline is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is available for all energy customers, regardless of whether they are with Npower or a different supplier.


Npower contact numbers from

Department Npower phone number
Customer services 0800 073 3000
Complain to Npower 0800 316 9328
Online account support 0800 316 9331
Report a gas emergency 0800 111 999
Report a power cut 105
Tariff renewals 0800 316 9044
Install a Npower smart meter 0800 980 9907
Switch to Npower 0808 156 0056